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Ice Garden Bracelet

Our city-parish library system showcases the work of local collectors, artists and craftspeople in monthly exhibits. Although the bead society participates in these exhibits fairly regularly, it had been a while since I had, primarily because the displays are themed. One must either have something on-hand that fits, which I rarely do, or make it very quickly, and I rarely have time to do that. This time, I did.

The items for the "Winter White" show were due at the end of the week I found out about the show, but I was still on my winter break, so I raided my stash for white and clear beads and fell to work on this bracelet. It's a simple three-row right angle weave grid made with a mix of white and clear 11° Czech seed beads of various finishes. I offset the center row so that when I embellished the grid, the clear button flowers would sit between the 4mm mother-of-pearl beads, rather than vying for space with them.

[ Right angle weave, embellishment and fringe; Czech pressed glass button flowers and leaves, 4mm mother-of-pearl, 3mm Czech fire-polished crystal ABs, Czech bugle and 11° seed beads, Japanese 15° seed beads, Fireline™. ]

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So pretty! I love pearls and clear. And I really love the leaves on it!
Thank you. A friend at my husband's workplace wanted a white bracelet, so I made it to fit her. (I look dreadful in white.) The show ran longer than initially scheduled, but it came back last week and my husband took it to her for me. She called to tell me she was delighted with it, so it went to a good home.