Aranthe (aranthe) wrote in beadweaving,

Herringbone Security Card Strap

One of my husband's friends who is also a co-worker overheard a female co-worker expressing her dissatisfaction with the unattractive strap which came with their security tags. (With good reason: The strap was made of bright blue braid and looked like something that should be holding a referee's whistle.) The friend knew I made jewelry and asked my husband if I could make a strap for her.

I chose the color scheme based on wearability. What I didn't know was that she's a huge Saints fan. She was delighted that her new strap was not only pretty, but combined her favorite team's colors as well. (Although the metallic beads look silver in the picture, they're alternating bands of silver and gold).

[ Tubular herringbone stitch; Japanese 11° (black, permanent galvanized gold and silver) seed beads, Fireline™. ]

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