Aranthe (aranthe) wrote in beadweaving,

Two Little Fishies Necklaces

This is a case of a piece which bears so little resemblance to the one which prompted it that you'd be hard pressed to see the original in the result. Melinda Barta's answer to a Beadwork challenge (October/November 2009) featured pearls embellished along one side with seed beads. I liked the idea of the assymetrical embellishment and decided to try it, though I used a different embellishment technique and entirely different materials.

The lapis was a recent purchase that didn't arrive quite as expected. They were labeled A- grade, and they aren't bad beads by half, but were, shall we say, photogenic on the retailer's web site. Still, they were just right for this project, the deep blue a nice balance for the coral and bone.

[ 15°, 11° Japanese seed beads, 11° Czech seed beads, 8mm lapis lazuli, coral, Russian serpentine, bone fish, Fireline™. ]

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